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Emerald Burrito of Oz, The

Skipp, John
Levinthal, Marc
Babbage Press

It's a rare thing when the atmosphere in a book seems so real and speaks to me on such a level that I want to find a way in and live there. "Burrito" was like "The Wizard of Oz" on acid. Trippy, dippy, full 'o' fun. The safest form of pure escapism that I've had the pleasure to come across in a loooooong time. One of the things that makes this stellar read so much fun is the character's familiarity, but all twisted up in a whole new light. I especially loved the TinMan, nuff said. The writers really know how to make you see what & who they're talking about, even if you've never seen them or it before. I loved the relationships between everyone and REALLY loved a certain little, oh I don't know what to call him, gremlin(?) and the way he mangled the English language. You know what they say about singers? How only a truly great singer can sing off key? Carol Burnett and her comedy sketches come to mind. Well, this amazing book shows that it's doubly true for writers. I didn't want it end and I wish there was more. Now where's that gate?

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