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Wonderful Wizard of Oz, The: A Commemorative Pop-Up

Baum, Lyman Frank
Here 550550.jpg
Sabuda, Robert
Little Simon
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This deluxe pop-up of Baum's timeless classic is an Oz-lover's dream! To commemorate the 100th anniversary of The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, master paper engineer Robert Sabuda has created a spectacular version of Dorothy's trip to the Emerald City and back. From a twisting cyclone to the Wizard's balloon sailing off into the sky, from a holographic foil Emerald City -- complete with green glasses for the reader! -- to Aunt Em hugging Dorothy when she returns to Kansas, this is truly the most innovative and wonderful world of Oz a reader could possibly imagine. The carefully abridged story unfolds in small booklets on every spread, each sprinkled with additional tiny pop-ups. The beautifully rendered artwork complements Denslow's original illustrations for the story and represent a new style for Sabuda, prints made from cut linoleum block. Close your eyes and think of the greatest pop-up version of this book you could possibly imagine -- Robert Sabuda's masterpiece will exceed all of your expectations!

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