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Paradox in Oz

Einhorn, Edward
Here 533533.jpg
Shanower, Eric
Hungry Tiger Press, San Diego

In this book acclaimed by Eloise Jarvis McGraw herself as "Ingenious!," we find Ozma, the lovely ruler of Oz, trying to find a way to restore the enchantment that keeps her people forever young and vibrant. We meet the lovable but puzzling Parrot-Ox, Tempus, who carries Ozma back through time to seek the source of the aging enchantment. In an alternate timestream, Ozma meets strange versions of the Wizard, the Cowardly Lion, Glinda and even Ozma herself! With the aid of the irrepressible Dr. Majestico, the sympathetic Brussle and the enchanted Princess Ayala, Ozma travels to the Absurd City as she discovers the amazing secret that involves the old witch Mombi, and the paradoxical future-history of The Man Who Lives Backwards.

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