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Lost in the Land of Oz: Befriending Your Inner Orphan and Heading for Home

Kolbenschlag, Madonna
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Crossroad Publishing Co.
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New expanded edition. The inside of the 1984 first edition says this, "The modern fantasy tale retains much of the ethos of the traditional fairy tale, but creates a broader spectrum of character and cultural context. Perhaps the most representative modern fairy tale of the North American culture is L. Frank Baum's The Wizard of Oz and the whole series of Oz adventures which succeeded his 1900 classic. In the entire Oz canon, "good mothers" are generally dead or otherwise unavailable; "bad mothers" in the form of surrogate or wicked witches seem to abound. In the Oz books, as in traditional fairy tales, mothers are generally more malevolent than fathers when they do appear. In no other American children's books, even Horatio Alger's, do there seem to be so many orphans. No human Oz protagonist ever has both parents at once. In The Wizard of Oz Dorothy's orphan status and the desolation of Kansas, her holding environment, is clearly established in the first paragraphs of the story."

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