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Wonderful Wizard of Oz in American Popular Culture, The: Uneasy in Eden

Earle, Neil
E. Mellen Press, Lewiston, ID
Literary Criticism

There have been so many books on the Wizard of Oz. So many of them good and some not so good. This book falls in the uncategorized section. The Wizard of Oz is a fairy tale. To think that political and social subjects are within the scope of the story is to believe there is a Santa Claus. If something should be written then it would have to be racism within Munchkinville, as its' whole society was created with stature in mind (but that is neither here nor there). Much of the story is a fantasy--a bedtime story for kids. I'm sure the author sat down and thought, " can I put forth a story that would be a skillfully covert political statement in a children's story?" Exactly. So...the Wizard of Oz is just a story...not a statement, a case study, a historical treatment, an X-File...

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