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Barnstormer in Oz, A

Farmer, Philip José
Punchatz, Don Ivan
Phantasia Press
Science Fiction

Barnstorming pilot Hank Stover never believed his mother's stories about going to the land of Oz and meeting a live scarecrow, a tin woodman, and a cowardly lion -- until a strange accident with his plane takes him there himself. This adult themed book assumes that Dorothy's trip to Oz was real and that she told the story to L. Frank Baum. The rest of Baum's tales are fiction of course. Hank Stover, son of Dorothy (Gale) Stover, comes to Oz to find the Witch Glinda in a bind. How to save Oz from incursion by the United States and to stop the evil witch Erakna, who has taken over the North of Oz?

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