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Dinamonster of Oz, The

Baum, Kenneth Gage
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Morena, Dorothy Gita
Buckethead Enterprises of Oz

This was originally written in 1941, but not published until 1991. The Metachron, a clock with captured lightning for a power source has been stolen from the top of the Palace of the Emerald city itself! Dorothy, the Tin Woodman and the Cowardly Lion are captured by the thief, the Dinamonster, a walking three story building, fashioned by the Nome King and bent on once again conquering Oz. We meet Tripp, a boy from Omaha in a rocket plane who makes his way to Oz, only to be captured by the Dinamonster as well. We meet Commander Grey the Nome, the Nome King and the living lightning itself in this adventure of Oz.

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