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Laughing Dragon of Oz, The

Baum, Frank Joslyn
Here 221221.jpg
Youngren, Milt
Whitman: Racine, Wisconsin

In this book we meet an American girl named Rosine and her pet monkey named Jim. They fall from an airplane in Oz and meet Cap'n Bob, a lighthouse keeper who had been blown to Oz in a storm. In their desire to return to America they take it upon themselves to search for and find the long lost Princess Cozytoes. Soon upon reaching Oz they meet the Laughing Dragon of Oz and soon are captured by the Posties living in mail boxes. Escaping with the aid of the Laughing Dragon the heroes set out for the Ruby Imps, where the princess is being held. Jim arrives when the others are about to be captured. How he rescues them, brings an exciting conclusion of this first and only book of Oz, to be banished from further reprint.

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