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Speedy in Oz

Thompson, Ruth Plumly
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Neill, John Rea
Reilly & Lee, Chicago

Umbrella Island is one of the most enchanting realms to ever skim through the skies of Oz. When Speedy, a boy from America, arrived on the island, the king sprang a wicked plot to give him to a giant who demanded the king's daughter as a slave. Speedy, rescued by a warring sea king, becomes friends with the princess and is made a wizard's assistant. Meet Terrybubble a lively dinosaur skeleton, and a host of memorable characters and many of your old Oz friends, as this adventure unfolds. Meet Gureeda the delightful princess of the island, Pansy the king’s saucy Watch Cat, and Terrybubble, a live and lively dinosaur skeleton and one of the most lovable characters ever to inhabit the pages of an Oz book. Here, too, is Loxo the giant. Dorothy, the Scarecrow, Ozma, and the Wizard of Oz appear as well.

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