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Battle for Oz: Volume One - Witch Wars

McBride, Michael L
Independently Published

In this adult-oriented retelling, Dorothy‘s first act, murder, incites riots and causes a huge power dynamic shift in Oz. When a Congress, the Footmen of Fate, are installed, and the compass-oriented witches (North, South, East, and West) are the Governors of their associated Cardinal-Point Direction States and become embroiled in an all-out conflict right when a Civil War between the Talking Animals begins! There are new and old characters alike, but The Wizard, ousted as a charlatan and wielding music like a weapon, sets up the Witch of the East in a wicked scheme as a murderess too; but after a house falls, she’s resurrected…and on a mission! Panic begins anew as the evil Death Witch Mombi, who has the power over reanimating the dead, creates her Army of the Damned from of all the buried in Oz, Glenda slides into a character struggle with humility, the Scarecrow has to sort through the rubble The Wizard has left of all Music, with Scare’s new Musician’s Apprentice Guild, and Lion wants to rescue Dorothy from exile to establish a new theater experience “The Yellow Brick Way,” akin to our Broadway…and there’s no place like home, especially when our home and theirs collide…right in Times Square itself!

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