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El màgic d'Oz

Artigau, Marc
Moreno, Juan Manuel
La Galera, SAU

The Wizard of Oz is one of the stories that has most impacted children (and also adults) for generations. His influence on both film and literature is undeniable. From a very simple idea - a hurricane takes Dorothy and she wants to get to the city of Emerald to ask the great Magician to help her return home - a universal story is built that drinks from the tradition of tales that have been passed down from generation to generation to revolutionize the new way of telling stories. Beyond the adventures, beyond the witch of the West, the yellow tiles, the red ruby ​​shoes - all iconic elements of our culture - the three friends who will accompany her (the scarecrow, tin woodman and the lion) explore human fragility: fear, heart and intelligence. The raw materials of any human being. Three characters who will put a mirror in front of Dorothy, which will help her see her inner power to face any situation, or at least try. He will realize that no one can help us except ourselves. The adaptation of the classic of universal literature by one of the most talented writers in the Catalan children's and young people's literary scene.

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