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Fabulous Wizard of Oz: A Gay Harem Romance, The

Draper, Kaye
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Independently Published

Daniel never imagined his career as an infamous E.A.R.T.H. diplomat would end with him in full drag riding a defunct landing pod into a magical cyclone. But honestly, he's been in weirder situations in his life. Exiled to the planet Ozma-4 for doing his job as an advocate a little too well, and for knowing too much about...something...Daniel sets off disguised as Dotty West, helpless but fabulous Kansas farmgirl. His silver spike heels aren't made for trekking through an alien landscape. But fortunately--or unfortunately, depending on your perspective--he manages to crash-land on some poor, unsuspecting citizen. And it's not like the pancaked woman really needs her hiking boots anymore, right? Accompanied by his faithful robotic assistant, Toto, Daniel sets out to find answers about why he was exiled and find a way home. But along the way, he uncovers a case of colonial feuding and native oppression that he just can't ignore. Aided by a group of sexy Oz outcasts, Daniel journeys to the Emerald city to meet with a shady wizard and ends up blackmailed into a quest to steal from a powerful witch. But that's only the tip of the iceberg. His time on Oz will help Daniel finally embrace all of who he is. But he might just end up leaving his heart behind when he finally finds a way back home. The Fabulous Wizard of Oz is a ridiculous, fun gay harem Wizard of Oz retelling that fuses magic and light sci-fi elements. It is a complete standalone story and is just over 86,000 words.

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