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Other Side of Oz, The

Wolf, Jamieson
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Wolf Flow Press

Justin is lost within himself. To escape his life, he finds comfort in books, especially The Wizard of Oz books by L. Frank Baum. He sees the yellow brick road wherever he goes, the bricks popping up in the grass all around him. He is no longer sure what is real and what is imaginary. He lives with is Father, New Mother and his brother Rogus. He does not remember where Real Mother has gone. Justin isn't like the other boys at school, he knows this. He carries a secret within himself, never daring to let the secret out for fear of what that would mean, at home and at school. The world of Oz brings him such comfort, a world within himself that he can retreat to when things become too dark. Justin knows that he is an outsider. His friends are few and far between: Sheenagh, the alcoholic. Margaret, the tortured one, Cartwright the closeted jock. There is one bright spot, however: Alexander. There is something about Alexander that pulls at Justin, that makes him want to know more about him. When New Mother becomes pregnant, he starts seeing a girl named Dorothy in his room who talks to him and helps him, who lends him strength when he needs it and shines in the darkness. He will need that light. After a traumatic event occurs, Justin wakes inside of Oz with Alexander by his side. They will have to make their way through Oz if they want to survive. Though Justin is ready for their adventure, one thought occurs to him: is Oz real or is it all inside of his head?

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