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Oscar Diggs, The Wizard of Oz

Blanke, Scott B.
Black Rose Writing

Oscar Diggs, a con-man, and his shill, Chang Wang Woe, live in New York City during the Civil War In the Big Apple, they end up being conscribed into the Union Army to serve as balloonists. During a fierce battle, their leaking hydrogen balloon is simultaneously struck by a cannon ball and lightning, and this transports the two men to the magical land of Oz. Once there, they find stowaway talking mice and a good witch who shows them true magic, such as instilling a protective kiss, controlling the elements, and turning the mice to piglets. The men fight a giant dragon and Woe loses, ultimately sacrificing himself, and disappearing into a deep chasm. Diggs spends the rest of the book attempting to rescue his partner and learning how to fit into this magical land. All the magic in the world can't make you put this book down before you traverse the yellow brick road and make it safely to the other side. So buy this novel and follow, follow, follow the yellow brick road.

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