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Spellcasters of Oz, The

Lewin, Philip John
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Ayami, Kamui
Nikidik Press

Completing the exploration into the origin of Oz magic started in The Witch Queen of Oz and The Master Crafters of Oz. Oz magic is fading, and it is up to Ozma and Dorothy to find Lurline and Enilrul, Oz's most powerful fairies, to come back to Oz and to recast their spells. Ozma leads a party including the Wizard of Oz through Oogaboo and through Ev en route to Kansas where Enilrul now lives. Dorothy must follow clues that lead her to the Yoops and to the Sea Faeries in her search for Lurline, but Lurline might not want to be found! The ultimate question is, should Oz magic be restored or allowed to fade away? In the process of the adventure, learn everything you ever hoped to know about Dorothy's place in Oz.

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