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Crimson Heels

Taylor, L.C.
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LC Taylor Publishings

Dorothy had everything. The love of three men and a life she had only dreamed of—until her. Evelyn. Evelyn is the new governor of Wilks County and rules with an iron fist. Rumor has it she’s into black magic allowing her to take whatever she wants. And now the witch has her sights on Dorothy’s men. When Evelyn bewitches Axe, Leo, and Rich, Dorothy will stop at nothing to break the spell. Dorothy is about to show this town what she’s capable of. She’s a force to be reckoned with and anyone who stands in her way will get blown over. Dorothy isn’t afraid to get her hands dirty to save the men she loves. She might be known as the good girl from Kansas, but there’s a side they haven’t seen. A side that’s dark and dangerous. A side that’s even a little… Twisted.

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