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O.Z. Doesn't Diggs G.C.C. At Emerald City

Baxley Jr., Ron
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YBR Publishing

O.Z. Doesn't Diggs G.C.C. at Emerald City is a satirical novel inspired by the fantasy classic The Wizard of Oz. Written by Ron Baxley, Jr., the book follows the adventures of O.Z. Diggs VII, a descendant of the original Oz the Great and Terrible Wizard. Princess Ozma summons O.Z. Diggs VII to her palace in Emerald City and relays to him an S.O.S. received by a telegraph machine that she used to correspond with the author L. Frank Baum. O.Z. Diggs VII tracks the signal to Greenyville Community College, where he acquaints himself with Dr. Travey Jude Lightley. Upon arriving at G.C.C., he soon discovers that the first Wicked Witch of the North is back and determined to render magic obsolete by employing an anti-magic half-dome bubble to keep it out of G.C.C.

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