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Black Rainbow of Oz, The

Keyes, David M.
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Smith, Jackson
Independently Published

In a serene and isolated valley in the west, a terrible power lies dormant within the stone walls of a secluded chamber – the fabled Eye of the Sky! Once an instrument of chaos used to instigate conflicts and uprisings, it has been locked away for untold millennia, never to be used again. Now, in the aftermath of a new disturbance on the soils of Oz, the key to opening the vault has fallen into the hands of Old Mombi, who will use the eye to conjure the legendary Black Rainbow! Can the country withstand the terrible reality that the Black Rainbow might bring? What does it represent to the future of the fairy world, still reeling from the attack of the nightmare? An ensemble of Ozian personalities rally to the cause of defense against the dangerous mission of four fearsome villains, who see the Rainbow as the instrument that will herald their fearsome return to power!

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