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Journal of Rita Diggs: Missing Vessels

Rodriguez, Abigail
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Independently Published

Oz is war-torn; Ozymandias has control of the Emerald City. The Free Army of Oz is fighting against them with all their might when an unnatural disaster befalls Oz. The Shifting Sands, the desert encircling Oz, has turned into a magical sea—ravaging the land. Two years after the cataclysm, Sea Fall, Rita Diggs, the daughter of Oscar Diggs (the Wizard of Oz), has been sent by Amber Gale (daughter of Dorothy Gale and leader of the Free Army of Oz) to Shifter’s Point to embark on a mission to find missing trade vessels. Rita arrives at the coastal town, ready to embark on her mission when she meets the crew hired to accompany her. The ragtag crew of the ship the Scarlet Serpent seems to be pirates. The list of things for Rita to worry about grows: Is this crew to be trusted? Why are so many ships suddenly missing? Is Ozymandias trying to gain a foothold in the new Oz Sea? Or is something even more maleficent waiting in the deep? As a war journalist and Sargent in the Free Army, Rita is prepared to chronicle her journey. Characters and story based on L. Frank Baum’s Oz book series and Pirate Press’ RPG “Battle For Oz” and “Battle For Oz: Pirates”.

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