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Twist My Heart (Wicked Games Book 1)

Taylor, Brooke
Here 19221922.jpg
Totally Bound Publishing

When a tornado drops Thea Gale and her not-so-little dog Titan into the arms of a steel-hearted warrior, she has no idea the trouble she’s in. Lucky for her, the battle-scarred Navy SEAL patching her up knows a few things about evading wicked enemies. Nikolas Steele is certain the right thing to do is to turn the captivating amnesiac and her protective K9 over to the authorities. But is the filter-less fugitive really a threat or is she the one whose life is in grave danger? Nik can’t shake the feeling that Thea’s past has come back to claim her and discovering who she really is might be more deadly than either of them are prepared for. In order to enlist Nik’s help, Thea must not only confront the trauma of her former life, but also penetrate the carefully forged armor protecting what is left of Nik’s heart.

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