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Painted Queen of Oz, The

Telford, Tarl
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The Mysterious Land of Oz, mere years before Dorothy's arrival. King Pastoria has succumbed to a madness not of this world. In his thirst for power, he seeks the hand of Glinda the Good, the most powerful sorceress in all of Oz. Such an alliance would certainly spell doom for any that Glinda considers unworthy of her blessing.Magic and mayhem; dreams and defiance; revenge and rebellion -- all defining this new age in the Land of Oz.EVERY GOOD DEED HIDES A HIDDEN HISTORYEVERY HEROIC HEART CLUTCHES A COIN OF COURAGEWith the King's madness on full display for the kingdom, he craves the prestige of power and wants an heir to bear his name forward through the years. Glinda lays claim to the Throne of Oz so she might draw the Wizard out of darkness and rule with him forever. Behind the throne, Mombi works from the shadows to control the chaos, while a new enemy infiltrates the heart of Emerald City.A lifetime of loyalty; decades in darkness; a fog of forgetfulness; and a desperate strategy to save the future. Former enemies and reluctant allies must join together to wake the Wizard, crush Glinda's coming conquest, and preserve the fractured identity of the Emerald City before all is lost.This volume contains three stories spanning more than ten tumultuous years in the final decade before Dorothy changed everything. The Painted Queen pits Glinda against former friends as she seeks the Throne of Oz. Stealing Tippetarius follows a desperate plan to spirit the Crown Princess to safety.

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