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Goldey Goosey of Oz

Baxley Jr., Ron
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Exley, Allison
YBR Publishing

Did you ever think there was a connection between Jack who climbed the beanstalk and the magical Land of Oz? And what about the famous song that tells the tale of Aunt Rhody and the old gray goose? Goldey Goosey of Oz by Ron Baxley, Jr. is that story. Goldey Goosey hasn't had an easy life. People kept discovering her magical ability to produce one golden egg every day. And people get greedy. Munchkin Jack helped her escape from, in this variation of the classic tale, the Pink and Blue giants who lived at the top of the beanstalk on Sky Island above Oz. Then, she escaped from the Magical Land of Oz, where she was in danger from evil witches and wizards who wanted to misuse her magical powers. When she came to the Land of Freedom in the United States of America, she faced Aunt Rhody, who wanted to cut her open and take her eggs, and had a few more exciting adventures after that. See where those adventures take her in this whimsically illustrated tale.

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