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War of the Witches (Return to Oz With a Vengeance Book 3)

Thomas, Warren
Here 19081908.jpg
Rollicking Dragon Press

Dorothy has fallen! The Wicked Witches stand poised to win the War of the Witches… …While Dorothy and friends might be down, their desire for Truth, Justice, and Freedom burns bright. Dorothy fought the good fight for over a year, but Glinda’s magic won the day. The former Kansas farmgirl is vanquished, captured, and suffering the fate of the fallen. Glinda took everything from her – freedom, dignity – but not her unquenchable will to fight. All she has to do is escape from Glinda, gather her scattered friends, and save Emerald City. Failure means a thousand year reign of the Wickeds. This is a 64,900 word fantasy romp in a very adult Portal Fantasy filled with warriors, shifters, and witches galore. When the wonderful world of Oz goes bad, it goes wicked bad.

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