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Teachers of Oz: Leading with Wisdom, Heart, Courage, and Spirit, The

Raad, Herbie
Lang-Raad, Nathan
Dave Burgess Consulting, Incorporated

With so much change in education and so many teachers feeling like they’re in unfamiliar territory, Herbie Raad and Nathan Lang-Raad offer a guide through this ever-changing landscape by turning to the classic story of The Wonderful Wizard of Oz. Each chapter in this heartfelt book centers around a character from the novel and examines how that character’s virtues (wisdom, heart, courage, and spirit) can help inspire and reinvigorate teachers and school leaders. Offering a charming mix of the pedagogical and the personal, this book paves the way through the wilderness of rosters, meetings, lesson plans, and initiatives so that teachers can engage with their most authentic selves in the midst of the assumptions and illusions inside of education.

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