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Lusty Land of Oz (Horny Oz Book 2), The

Thorndyke, Alyce
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Independently Published

The Lusty Land of Oz is filthy, it's dirty, it's raunchy, it's filled with sex and perversions... and it's the funniest satire you will ever read.If you are a Sunday school teacher, or the second coming of Carrie Nation, or just don't like your fun dirtier than Saturday night at a horn house, then...STAY AWAY! The Lusty Land of Oz picks up where The Horny Wizard of Oz left off, but with the introduction of Tip, a well endowed young man forced into the 'service' of the meanest Witch in Oz.Tip decides to lay a trap for Mombi (the Witch). Unfortunately, Mombi escapes the trap and decides to turn Tip into a statue that will 'pleasure her' forever.Off Tip goes, on a mad romp through a perverted land, picking up strangers with stranger appendages, a step ahead of Mombi, and always trying to figure out why he just...can' know.You want fun? You want more diddling than a diddler can diddle? It's The Lusty Land of Oz for you!

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