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Dorothy vs. Alice: Lion Six Feet Under

Rose, Lotus
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Death Pout

To know Dorothy of Oz is to be afraid of her, to despise her. And yet Alice of Wonderland is very much afraid that she may love her. When they lived in Wonderland together, there were good qualities about Dorothy. They were such good friends then. But Dorothy has changed. Now she’s the sadistic, manipulative chief of the munchkin tribes, who summoned a tornado to bring Alice back to the magical realms. Dorothy has promised to send Alice back to England only if she agrees to duel the Lion, Scarecrow and Tin Knight one at a time. Dorothy keeps trying to woo Alice. Dorothy even wears an engagement ring on a necklace that she plans to someday give to her. Unfortunately, Dorothy is a vicious psycho who can only spell trouble. The scary thing, though, is that Alice fears that Dorothy’s ways may be rubbing off on her. Sometimes Dorothy’s depraved acts do have a certain charm, she must admit. This time around, Alice finds herself facing off against the Lion. She’s tasked with fighting him to the death after a series of challenges, all while having to deal with Dorothy and her drama. Alice and the Mad Hatter soon find themselves in a desperate race with time to save their friend, Humpty, from being sacrificed during a solar eclipse. The Cheshire Cat is tagging along as usual. Alice is also glad to see Toto again, and intrigued by his mysterious feud with the Lion. At the ziggurat, where the hearts of victims are offered to the goddess of the jungle, the Lion waits for them. Perhaps she’s a fool, but Alice still thinks there is hope for Dorothy. However, she has no intention of sticking around for Dorothy’s redemption. She really wants to go home. After all, there’s no place like home, as Dorothy herself should know.

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