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Horny Wizard of Oz, The (Horny Oz Book 1)

Thorndyke, Alyce
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Gropper Press

The Horny Wizard of Oz is the absolute, ultimate classic of erotica. It is the truth about Dorothy's adventures in Oz. Not the L. Frank Baum silliness, but the real truth. It wasn't a house that landed on the witch...but an out house! And the out house was full of...stuff. I tell ya, it was a messy landing. WARNING: Don't let ANY child see this book. You don't want them to end up as perverted as you, right? And, no Sunday school teachers, no moralists, no Carrie Nation types. And if you don't like really filthy words and unending and weird sex...then maybe you'd better stay away, too! But the silver high heels (not the childish 'ruby red slippers' that Hollywood pushes) are real! And when you arch the calves and tilt the fanny and perk up the breasts...the result is pure horniness. Thus, once Dorothy gets away from the Munchers, with their propensity for outhouse jokes and munching, she must make a journey through Oz that is heightened by her unflagging horniness. The Scarecrow, for instance, wants fun with Dorothy, but he doesn't have the tool for it. And the Tin Man, he really wants to have fun with Dorothy, but he, too, is missing a member...sort of. Why are all the men in Oz deprived of their manhood? It's that durned Wizard! He's kidnapped all the weeners in Oz! And why does he want everybody's weener? Ah, that's the story, isn't it?

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