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Ruby from Planet Oz #1

Silva, Kyrun
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Silva, Kyrun
Haines, Larry
Taurus Comics
Comic/Graphic Novel/Manga

Ruby from Planet Oz is a story that will define what the meaning of "home" and "family" is. The series is an action adventure book that takes elements from movies like Tank Girl & Mad Max and combines it with the classic Wizard of Oz tale to make a unique and exciting experience. The story revolves around Dorothy "Ruby" Jackson. A young girl abducted and taken to the planet Oz to be part of the Queen of the West's slave labor camp. Dorothy escapes and joins the Wizard and his forces. Now all grown up, Ruby has become one of the leaders of the resistance. Their mission: to stop the Queens' reign of terror and free Oz, while also finding a way to get Ruby back home to Earth. The first book will describe Ruby's perilous trip from Earth. Her time of being a slave and finally being freed. Each issue after will focus on the rest of Ruby's ragtag compatriots. Everyone from the "Tin-man" to the "Cowardly lion" have been redesigned to compliment this savage, alien planet that is Oz.

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