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Dorothy’s Wizard (Mind Control BDSM)

Rose, Angela
Here 18641864.jpg

In a magic land of gory beasts, creepy castles, and terrifying witches, Dorothy learns that the old adage: “There’s no place like home” may not apply. Along her way, she finds unexpected excitement with the most powerful in the land. The unexplored world will bring more color to her life than she had ever known. Join her on her quest for a happy ending in this twisted version of the classic. 18+ The witch became angered at her insolence, and with a circular motion of her pointy green fingers, a tree alongside the path came actively alive and full of motion. The twiney branches scooped her up and brought her to the base at the trunk. They wrapped around her shivering half-naked body, attaching her securely to the rough bark. With another motion of her buckled fingers, crab-like creatures came from every corner and began crawling up her body. “Clamp her in her most sensitive of places. But not too hard. She must face a fate worse than this one!” the wicked witch commanded the repulsive creatures.

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