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Witches, Wizards and Winks?...Oh, My!

Puma, Mary
Here 18361836.jpg
Ravenshire Publishing USA

A powerful, moving story of a woman who lived, lost and wants to live again. W.W.W.O.M is an 'authentic' autobiography from the Wicked Witch of the West who has been trying to get her true story out for centuries using the only form of communication available to her - Conduit Authors. The Wicked Witch knows the only path to obtain her freedom from purgatory, find restoration (and obtain a plus again), is to break a curse as old as her translucent green skin. And unfortunately, she must pass through our level of existence to get there. She has been attempting to punch through long before conduit authors L. Frank Baum and Gregory Maguire. Her truths have been misinterpreted, misunderstood and distorted more times that she cares to count... Her latest conduit author is refreshingly accurate in her ability to translate an uncensored account of the Witch's life. (Don't mistake this remark as kindness...). For this witch, there is 'real' freedom in the truth.

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