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Candor Bandersnatch and the Secret Gate of Oogaboo (The Hidden History of Oz)

Telford, Tarl
Emerald Engine Studios

The Land of Oz, decades before Dorothy, held many cities and many heroes. After the devastation of the Witch Wars, the stony North is now under the protection of the Good Witch. Hewing a new life out of the ruins challenges the survivors, including the Bandersnatch family. HE’S NOT BRAVE ENOUGH TO BE A HERO…YET. Ten-year old Candor wants to be strong, like the way he remembers his father before the accident, but instead of honor, all his attempts at bravery only earn him more bruises. Chased by bullies into the mountains, Candor discovers a gateway to a faraway place where no one can hurt him. However, this paradise comes with its own monsters. Far away from friends and family, two worlds collide. Candor's courage in the face of fear changes everything.

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