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Listen to Movie Musicals!: Exploring a Musical Genre

Perone, James E.
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Film Studies

Listen to Movie Musicals! Exploring a Musical Genre includes an overview of musical theatre and movie musicals in the United States. The 50 movies chosen for critical analysis include many of the best-known film musicals of the past and present; however, the list also includes several important movie musicals that were popular successes that are not necessarily on the "best-of" lists in other books. This volume also includes a greater focus on the actual music of movie musicals than do most other books, making it a stand-out title on the topic for high school and college readers. Like the other books in this series, this volume includes a background chapter followed by a chapter that contains 50 important essays on must-hear movie musicals of approximately 1,500 words each. Chapters on the impact of movie musicals on popular culture and the legacy of movie musicals further explain the impact of both the movies and their songs.

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