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Dorothy vs. Alice: Crucify the Scarecrow

Rose, Lotus
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Independently Published

Dorothy (of Oz) and Alice (of Wonderland) used to be lovers. But that was in the past. Sometimes though, the past has a way of coming back to haunt you. In Alice's case, that way is a tornado summoned to snatch her from the Outside World and bring her back to Munchkinland. Alice has absolutely no intention of getting back together with Dorothy. You see, Dorothy has changed...into a pervert, a sadistic chief of the munchkin tribes, and an all around unreasonable beast! She has the audacity to ask Alice to rule by her side, keeps talking about magical sexual powers that Alice possesses... Alice wants no part of it, demands to be sent back home, and that's when the completely unreasonable Dorothy throws Alice into some sort of twisted game that's designed to end in a duel to the death with the Scarecrow! You wouldn't think that would be the way Dorothy would want to woo Alice, but it is. Dorothy seems to think it'll somehow prove how much she loves Alice, in some sort of twisted logic. See, Dorothy thinks of it as a heartfelt sacrifice of one of her favorite servants to Alice and feels that as she and Alice go through the challenges of the game together, they'll somehow end up bonding. Alice doesn't want to be hurt by Dorothy again and really wants nothing more to do with her. But despite all her protestations, psycho Dorothy manipulates the situation so Alice has no choice but to go along with the game. Alice wonders what she ever saw in her. She hopes she won't end up having to kill her former crush.

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