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My Pretty (Mischief Matchmakers)

Fay, Madeline
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Independently Published

I'm wicked, bad to the bone, and a tad green.All I ever wanted was to have normal witchy life but Dorthory ruined it all for me. She turned my people against me, saying I was an wicked, evil witch. I mean if that's what the people think, then fine that's what they'll get. I ride around on my broom, terrorizing the citizens and stealing candy from children. Three handsome men drop into our world from a tornado that sweeps through the village and of course I'm somehow to blame. I didn't cause this destruction... and definitely didn't bring a strip club along for the ride. Dorthory sends them after me and promises a way for them to get back home as long as they get rid of the Wicked Witch of the East. Disguising myself as a damsel in distress with my green face hiding, I lead them along the yellow brick road to Emerald city.I'll get those pretty men before they can get me.

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