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Stairway to Oz

Hess, Robin
Hess, Andrew
Ozmapolitan Press

Twelve-year-old Ryan has found a stairway that will get him to Oz, but what happens when his first meeting is with two wicked Nomes? On the other hand Jero has just performed illegal magic, yet he has to continue using it to save Oz. Jero has waited ten years his wedding to Marlina. When Queen Ozma finds he has been practicing illegal magic, will they ever be able to get married? When the Nomes capture the Emerald City and put Ozma, the Wizard and two other powerful workers of magic into deep sleep, the Tin Woodman and the Scarecrow rush to their aid, but can anyone overcome these Nomes? Old friends and new will be found in this puzzler of an Oz book.

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