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News from Glinda's Great Book of Records
Francesca, The Great and Terrible: A Reverse Harem Academy Romance (Emerald City Academy Book 2)

Trepagnier, JB
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Independently Published

Emerald City Academy has become pointless. Daxar is missing and Glenda disappeared when we started questioning her as to his whereabouts. Galen is avoiding me, probably because it’s about high time he tells me about his parents. Professor Ixius has taken over as headmaster and my training, but he can’t seem to stay sober and he doesn’t know the first thing on how to teach me. Things go into a whirlwind when Galen finally drops the bomb about his parents. The pieces are starting to fit together. Maybe Glinda is not avoiding us. Maybe it’s a thousand times worse than that. We’ll have to mount a rescue mission if things are as dire as they seem to be. We are woefully outnumbered. The Oz army isn’t trained and only likes polishing their badges. The last time we were in the North, things went horribly wrong. We’re running low on good Sentinels at the moment. We have to take a chance Glinda is still one of the good ones and rescue her. The alternative means the Fisher King will rise again and terrorize Oz until it’s devoid of all magic

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