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News from Glinda's Great Book of Records
King of Traitors: A Wizard of Oz retelling (Kingdom of Fairytales Book 37)

Armitage, J.A.
Savant, Emma
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Enchanted Quill Press

A prison off the coast of Badalah is no place for the Mayor of Oz, but I’ve found myself here anyway. The ogres who run the place won’t tell me what I’m being charged with, and the other prisoners have made it clear I have no chance of escape. My new cellmate is decent, but there are others in this prison who don’t have my best wishes at heart, and I have to get home — back to Oz and to my siblings, who are all alone in the world now that our mother, Dorothy, has died. No one has ever escaped from this island fortress. I'm determined to be the first.

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