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Oziana #49

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International Wizard of Oz Club

The 2019 issue of Oziana brings together Oz Club members as writers and artists from around the world.  It includes four stories and one poem. "An Odd Transformation" by Sara Philips, relates what happens when uniqueness comes into question, and an adventure brings about some revelations about feelings and self-esteem. "Bitsy, the Patchwork Cat of Oz" by Jane Albright, (me!) is an adorable tale about Scraps' carelessness and how a clever Ozian turns treasure out of mishap. "The Epiphany of Miss Gulch" by Paul Dana shows that even the coldest of personalities can melt with the right kind of love. "The Giant Weasel of Oz" by Nathan DeHoff finds Dorothy, Betsy, Button-Bright, Trot and the Wizard of Oz mean to find out what's happening to all the eggs in and around Oz. "At the End of the Road." by E.J. Hagadorn is a sweeping poem about life's journey Profusely illustrated with glorious color covers, this issue will delight fans of Oz for years to come.

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