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Judy Garland: Gwandanaland Comics #2476 - The Loving and Entertaining Tribute to one of Hollywood's Greatest Classic Stars

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Gwandanaland Comics

This is not a comic - is it a highly photo-illustrated retrospecive on the life of one of the 20th Century's greatest Hollywood stars! Judy Garland (Frances Ethyl Gumm, 1922-1969) was both an exciting and tragic star, bursting on the scene as a young teen and leaving the world much too soon due to the abuses and stresses of the Hollywood lifestyle. She left an imprint on eveyone she knew, and she was loved by millions she had never even met. This 1970s tribute, containing well over a hundred photos and critical information about her life, has not been offered in over 40 years - but, of course, that's what we do at Gwandanaland Comics, bring you what you thought you might never see again!

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