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Immortal Longings of Oz

Dana, Paul
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Royal Publisher of Oz, The

There’s big trouble in the Land of Ev – and Ojo and Button-Bright have blundered right into the thick of it! All the two boys want is a new home for their friends Jandilay and Onna Val, perhaps at the wonderful Royal Puppet Theater of Ev – but first they must deal with an enchanted King, a vain Queen Regent who hungers for immortality, and the threat of a Wheeler revolt. Tempers are also fraying back in Oz, where Grandma Natch is stuck with an unwelcome visitor. Does the solution lie in Ev or An or Noland? Should our heroes trust the wisdom of an ancient phoenix or the mysterious schemes of a Red Jinn? The one thing they know for certain is that they’re in over their heads!

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