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Delusions Beyond the Deadly Desert: A Novella of Oz

Valenti, Lisa
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Independently Published

Have you ever wondered what could have happened if the Author of The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, L. Frank Baum had actually gotten to know a little girl name Dorothy personally? How did she influence his writing? Is the World of Oz actually REAL? So real in fact that the Baum family loved an actual little girl who helped the real author L. Frank Baum come up and use her story for his new novel, the Wonderful Wizard of Oz? Where did some of the ideas for the characters and settings in his Oz books come from? Where did Dorothy actually live? And who was she? All these questions and many more are answered inside the new exciting novella entitled Delusions Beyond the Deadly Desert! Read what possibly sparked L. Frank Baum to write down his famous fantastic fantasy Wonderful Wizard of Oz novels!

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