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Ziggy Zig-Zags the Light and Dark Fantastic, Volume 1

Baxley Jr., Ron
Myrand, Vincent
Tavakoly, Ali
YBR Publishing

Ziggy, a Pembroke Welsh Corgi based on Ron's shelter-adopted emotional support dog of the same breed, is one of many steeds of the elves in Wales and is the elves' chosen champion for great quests. (According to Welsh mythology, in fact, the markings around many Pembroke Welsh Corgis' heads and around their necks indicated that small saddles and stirrups were once on their bodies and that the Corgis were used as horses by the elves and faeries). As a steed, with his saddle like a super hero cape, Ziggy is chosen by the elves to rescue various characters in different fantasy worlds, including Neverland, Oz, and Wonderland. He even has adventures in the modern reality of the "Out World" including with a figure fictionally attached to World War II.

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