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Ruby Fortress, The (Kingdoms Of Oz Book 1)

Whitethorne, Carrie
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Independently Published

An unexpected inheritance A storybook world at war A reluctant heroine with big shoes to fillAfter inheriting her Grandma Dot’s house, Ellana Rose comes across the collection of books written by her Great Grandma Dot. Her reminiscing over childhood stories about the fantastical world of Oz is interrupted by a stranger knocking on the door looking for her long-deceased Great Grandma Dorothy. Ellana has no patience for the man she assumes is a debt-collector from the funeral home and sends him on his way.After another long, tiring shift at work dancing – okay, pole dancing, but who’s judging? – Ellana returns to find the persistent suit back, and this time, he’s there for her. She finds herself involuntarily transported to the world of Oz. Only this is no happy fairytale realm, and Dorothy was not just some crazy storyteller, but a powerful witch-killer. Now, the two remaining Witches of Oz are at war, and thanks to her family legacy, Ellana is caught in the middle.With a world at stake and too many secrets to sort through, Ellana will need all her wits, a pair of magical shoes, and two alluring allies to survive the journey to come.

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