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Green, R.T.
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Wise Owl

Scarecrowonics expert Nikki Wigg lives a quiet life in the most unlikely of places. The Middle of Nowhere. That’s not really its name, just one given to it by the locals. A few square miles of open, almost-flat farmland ten miles to the west of Norwich, England, if you stand in the middle of it you really could believe you were in the middle of nowhere. In the middle of the Middle of Nowhere stands a small farm. There’s a thatched farmhouse, a rickety old barn, and one or two bits of agricultural machinery rusting away in the yard. It’s not a farm anymore. Inside its seemingly-innocent facade there lays a secret that might just change the world. The owner of the farm isn’t quite what she seems either. She wears the kind of clothes farmers do, walks the walk and talks the talk. But she too is just a facade, a necessary subterfuge to keep away prying eyes. But as our story begins, on a hot, dry day in sunny Norfolk, things are destined to change. The beautiful Hillary is about to crash into Nikki’s peaceful existence... and into her heart. And just to underline the fact life will never be the same again, her little creation is ready to stand up and smack her right in the face. A tornado is heading rapidly for Nikki’s world, and leave her with no choice other than to discover what lies somewhere over the rainbow...

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