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News from Glinda's Great Book of Records
Grimm Beginning, A (The Outer Zones Book One)

Hong, Micah
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Kingston Publishing Company

In the Emerald City, the reign of Glinda the Good is celebrated by the mighty even as its people are ground into the dirt. In this world, the Outer Zones are divided into territories denoted by valuable stones (Diamond, Emerald, etc) and Glinda has gone mad with power as she retains youth and raw power by the sacrifices of young women and girls. Without another witch or powerful caster to balance her out however, there are no more checks on her power and for years she has ruled unopposed. And as her anniversary of taking power approaches, a shadowy figure stalks the streets of the capital and slaughters women. Unfortunately, there are no more heroes left to oppose her. So the Zones will have to make do with a crippled prince and his secretary, a mute girl, a one-eyed doctor and a murderous munchkin.

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