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Wizard, Great and Terrible, A (The Chronicles of Gale Book 1)

Ostrander, R.L.
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Independently Published

I have a story to tell you. It should have been about a city girl stuck in Kanas, hating life. But then there was the tornado..Now it’s a story about a world in ruin. A world without a name, without a place. Most just call it the O/Z. I have no idea what that means. It is a world that was once run by four beings that call themselves “Witches”. One of them I’ve killed, one of them I’ve befriended, and one of them remains a mystery. The last one… well, she just wants me dead. As for what I want? I just need to get home. As I’ve searched for a way back to Kansas, I’ve found others with needs of their own. An artificial intelligence who’s lost his mind. A man who’s lost his body to a harsh metal frame. A human/animal hybrid who’s lost his honor. They have joined me in my quest, each hoping that when I get what I need, perhaps they will be made whole as well. Our hopes lie with one man, who calls himself a Wizard. He lives in the last great city, free from ruin and encased in an impenetrable dome. They say he is both great and terrible. I wonder what he’ll end up being for us?

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