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Wrath of a Wonderfully Wicked Witch (Return to Oz With a Vengeance Book 2)

Thomas, Warren
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Rollicking Dragon Press

It took everything in Dorothy’s Arsenal – technology from Earth, her enchanted slippers, her guile, and … yes… even her body – to topple Scarecrow off his throne as the Wicked Wizard of Oz. Now, as Empress, she needs time to undo his foul deeds. Glinda, Scarecrow’s old ally, does not intend to give her that time. For her actions, Dorothy has earned Glinda’s undying enmity. So, while Dorothy hopes to ally herself with the Good Witches to maintain peace, Glinda works to forge a Triumvirate of Evil with the Wicked Witches. Together, they intend to take Dorothy and the Good Witches as battle trophies in the wars to come. Glinda salivates at the thought of Dorothy of Kansas on her knees before her, obeying her every command, satisfying her every wish. Glinda merely needs Dorothy’s enchanted slippers to rule over all Oz. Only Dorothy and her allies, Nick Chopper (former Tin Woodman), Warlord Lion (once Cowardly) and, hopefully, the Good Witches, stand between Glinda and her wicked desires. The battle between Good and Evil looms over everything. It’s time to do or die – with winner take all.

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