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Searching for OZ - The Journey Home

Cavallaro, Michael
Cavallaro, Adele Saccarelli
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Independently Published
Self Help

Searching for OZ – The Journey Home Guide Book is a personal road map to your unique inner journey of self-discovery and awakening. With this step by step guide you will travel through introspective questions and exercises. This leads to self-discovery and the empowerment of your own love while discovering your fears, secrets, wisdom, traumas and life purpose, and awakening your own intuition and consciousness that heals all wounds and propels you into living a life you love. We will temporarily act as guides to your own self-reflection and self-awakening with a light and playful commentary filled with subtle and practical, yet poignant wisdom gained on our own paths to self-love and awakening. We provide you with "real" working, tried and true methods - not just theory and fluffy beautiful ideas.The emphasis and basis of what we share is; Each individual is the director and creator of their own life and that they receive the outline and depth of assistance necessary to fulfill themselves. This book is a tool to find your own answers, to know yourself better, to understand your world better, to live a happier life and to awaken your Spirit. You are your greatest teacher. You are your greatest adviser. You are the only person in life you should follow.As a wise sage once said: All the answers lie within! They lie within the heart/wisdom of your own divine essence. Take the journey of the heart now and awaken those answers. Have the courage to be who you really are, not who you have been told you should be. The love of self is the most powerful magic in the universe. Love yourself now and awaken the magic within.Come now and learn to still your mind, awaken and listen to your heart wisdom, so you can live a life you intend and were born to live rather than be a victim to life. Whether you methodically go step by step, power through cover to cover or pick it up to do an exercise as things arise for you, this guide will transform your life!

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