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How the Wizard Came to Oz: Vol 1: The True Origin of the Wizard of Oz

Abbott, Donald
Abbott, Donald
Royal Publisher of Oz, The

Come back to the time long before Dorothy and Toto walked down the Yellow Brick Road!For the first time in graphic novel, Oz author and illustrator Donald Abbott presents the real story of the Wizard's trip to Oz!Circus ventriloquist Oscar Diggs traveled by balloon all the way across the Deadly Desert to discover how the Wicked Witches of the West and East are stirring up trouble in Oz. Is this mysterious aerial traveler the Great Oz, the prophesied Wizard foretold to rescue the oppressed Winkies and Munchkins from the Witches' tyranny?Making use of his skills as a circus performer, Oscar will establish himself as ruler of the newly-constructed Emerald City. But how did he fend off the wicked witches? What is the story behind the Yellow Brick Road? And what roles did the Good Witches of the North and South play in his story?Discover Oscar Diggs' "secret origin" in this tale of action, adventure, and even romance! It's time to learn How the Wizard Came to Oz!

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