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Sassy Ann and Teddy Bear in Oz

Macejak, Elaine
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Macejak, Elaine
Page Publishing, Inc.

Author and illustrator Elaine Macejak created her unique hand puppets Sassy Ann and Teddy Bear in 1961, adding other puppets and developing their personalities over the years. An avid fan of L. Frank Baum's beloved Oz book series, she has been appearing at the annual Wizard of Oz Festival in Chesterton, Indiana, since 1985 as Princess Ozma of Oz, where she has performed her original ventriloquist puppet shows and has presided over "The Teddy Bear Contest and Tea Party." When not in Oz, she resides with her husband Albert in Evanston, Illinois. They have three children (Sue, Martin and Tim) and two grandchildren (Stefan and Anna). She has also kept busy by being the volunteer leader since 1961 of a YWCA social club for developmentally disabled adults. She has put some of her most popular puppet skits into story form Sassy Ann and Teddy Bear in Oz. The stories of Sassy Ann and Teddy Bear combine little morals about friendship, acceptance and responsibility with such humor that they are sure to appeal to children and the young in heart of any age group.

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